Canada work permits also known as work visas grant overseas residents the right to employment in the country. Once you obtain this visa, you will be allowed to work in Canada. The work permit in Canada is granted on the base of having a job offer for a specific occupation and employer.

Visa First Knows How to Obtain Your Canadian Work Permit

Contact Visa First today and let us assess your eligibility for free! Either fill fill the contact form or call us one the relevant phone number from your right. Our customer care representatives will advise you on occupations eligible for work in Canada, and will assess your previous expertise, qualifications, thus guiding you to finding the employment opportunity that will guarantee you the best chance of your application being approved by the Canadian migration authorities.

Canada Work Permit Requirements

To acquire a Canadian work visa you will have to comply to a number of requirements, such as:

  • Having a current job offer from a Canadian employer in an eligible occupation.
  • Presenting a proof of previous experience on a similar job position. Qualifications, certificates, or relevant education will boost your chances.
  • Showing clear intention to leave the country after your employment contract expires.
  • Prove you have enough funds to support yourself in Canada.
  • Provide a police clearance for a clear criminal record.
  • You will be examined as to whether you possess a threat to the security of the country – have you underwent some kind of military training, experience with weapons, etc.
  • Provide a medical examination to prove good health.

Visa First has processed over 20,000 Canadian visas during the last year and knows the right way for your application to be successful. Contact us using the application form or call us on the relevant phone number.

Processing Time

Canadian work permits usually take no longer than a week to be processed. However, the process mainly depends on whether you have all the required documents available. Delays are usually caused by the lack of a medical exam, or a job offer from a Canadian employer. The workload of the particular migration office should also be taken into consideration. Visa First has been through the process hundreds of times, so our migration agents know how to handle your application so that it’s processed in the fastest possible time.

Canada Work Permit Extension & Duration

Canadian work permits are not time restricted. The migration authorities determine your visa duration depending on the nature of your occupation. If you fall into a category which allows extension, it can be granted to you while in the country. However, some work permits have limited duration.

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